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Citibank offered insurance called Credit Shield with their credit card. I purchased disablity insurance since the card was in my name alone I didnt need life insurance on it. After years of faithful payments I became disabled. I called to claim my insurance and was asked the date of the accident. After being on hold for 20 minutes they returned to tell me I was AGED DOWN to just life insurance. On the EXACT date of the accident. Funny it wasnt on my birthday which was several months before it. I later went to use my JOINT checking account only to find it seized by Forester Garbus. JOINT account I repeat and the reason was a DEFAULT judgement obtained in court. I was never notified and began to explore the legality of this. According to the courts I didnt show up for the case and its an automatic win for the collections. I wrote the NY AG office of this practice and later the then AG CUOMO began a class action against the company who had done this to over 100 thousand others in just NY alone. Citibank proven to be credit shield also did this internationally. The judgements were VACATED by the court of NY. Somehow MINE was not!! I have contacted again the AG office…and the court because this corrupt collector has once again begun to harass victims to collect on these illegal judgements. I am warning others… sure to contact the AG office…consumer complaint office….because another class action against them is needed to vacate all actions on their part AGAIN.

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