Frank Lawson – DBA Carpet Time TX Texas Review


Frank Lawson, DBA Carpet Time of Dallas.nHe took the money, did not deliver the carpet, tried to pull a bait and switch, and refused a refund when we called him on it. nHe became abusive when contacted. nWe filed a small claims lawsuit and won. nUnfortunately, in Texas, there is no vehicle to make people pay up on losses in small claims court. We are stuck filing more and more legal paperwork to get our money back. Unfortunately, we live in a different county, which means two sets of filing fees for everything. nDo not buy carpet from Carpet Time or Frank Lawson. nBTW, the BBB offered to “help us”” work this out withing 2 weeks for an additional $75. Otherwise

they said it would take 5+ weeks and we were not allowed to correspond with them by phone. That’s a lot of help isn’t it. nShellynTX


4017 Lancaster Road Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

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