Fraud And Cheapster Freddy and his company Xport Marketing will rob you


I am Andrew and I had the worst trading experience of my life with export marketing website. They have cheated me through and through and I have lost all my hard earned money.This person named Freddy called me up in June 2015 urging me to invest through their website in a particular Manchester trade where there were almost 100% chances of getting huge profits. He was really convincing and said that 75% of my money would be invested at one go. I wired the money to his bank as asked by him and he should have received those within 2 days but he told me that he hadnít received any money and that I should wire the money once again. In case he receives double, he would return it back to my account. I did so because I could envision profit in this deal and I was in dire need of money for some personal reasons.

After receiving the double amount that is $16000 in total, he did not return the half back. Instead he asked me to invest all of it so that I get greater multiplied returns. I did trust him at that time and put in all of my money which was the biggest mistake on my part.
After a few days, on calling him up, he said that you have earned profits in the said deal and as promised your money will be transferred to you soon.

Again after a month when no one contacted me, I called him up myself. Someone else picked up the phone saying that your money wasnít invested anywhere because the company could have lost the trade and that Freddy was trying to save you, so he didnít let your money drown and didnít put it on the trade. It was utterly shocking for me and I suspect the person talking to me was Freddy himself. He assured me that the money was safe with him and that he would send it back to me back soon. This was such a big fraud happening with me. On asking where Freddy was, I was told heís busy. This moment, I had lost all faith in this company and felt completely shattered.

5 months have passed and I still havenít gotten my original money back, forget about the profit returns. This was the last saved money I had and my heart is aching so badly that I put it up with a fraudster. I have written a lot of mails to the company too but got no reverts.

I want my money back and the profits that I earned, which I think this asshole Freddy has himself gulped down. I would not let this person sleep blissfully after having swindled my money away.

Do not ever put in your money with this company named export marketing or this shitty, fraud person Freddy.

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