frederick c. padovano pine beach New Jersey Review


Frederick Padavano, the owner of zap the habit now, is preforming auriculotherapy ( a stop smoking procedure ) on people without a licence. By law he is supposed to be a Dr. to do these procedures, but his licence to practice chiropractic is expired; i varified this by checking with the N.J Dept. Of Chiropractic Examiners. His licence to practice has been expired since 2007. Also, he is doing these procedures off the books. One reason why is because I have a judgement against him, & he doesn’t want to pay it. Secondly, he knows that he will get caught practicing without his licence. What he is doing is wrong! He isn’t paying money he owes me, he isn’t paying taxes on income he’s making, and he could very well be hurting anyone he is treating with the auriculotherapy he is proforming on people. Yours truely, “Justice Is Mine””.”

10 allen st. toms river, New Jersey United States of America


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