Free Government Money


Received initial contact through Facebook Messenger from a close trusted friend. Gave the website to visit for Free Government. The message said that (s)he had received $60,000 in free government money and did not have to pay it back. It was a grant and was easy to do, just click on the website [email protected] I trusted this friend and clicked on the website, filled it out and sent it in. Then a few hours later, I learned that this friend had been hacked. I should have called this friend, but didn’t. At first I didn’t have any reason to doubt, then alarms went off. I received an email from [email protected] telling me that my information had been received and would be processed. I would be contacted if I was eligible for any funds. I emailed back and asked where they were located and the answer was "We work in conjunction with US Treasury Department, located at Washington". I emailed back and said Washington is in my time zone and you are not in my time zone as you are five hours ahead of me. I got no response, so I emailed back and said "You are a hoax and I will be reporting to BBB". Never head from them again. I did not lose and money as I did not give any banking information. I feel very foolish. Please be aware of this scam.

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