Freedom Bag by Deanna Roegner Grant al Review


I have purchased Freedom Bags for years for friends and reletives. I have always been pleased with the product until I had to send one in to be replased because of defect. I was told by their manager, Katie, to put a note in with my return telling what animal print I wanted to exchange for. I chose lepord. Two weeks passed, I heard nothing, then started getting a call from Deanna, she said it would be repaired, This was the first I had of any repair, I ask to speak to Katie, she wasnt there, nor did she ever return my calls, until I got ugly, Then she changed her whole story. She said she had told me about repair. She knows she didnt, if she had why did she give me the 3 animal prints to choose from. They have had my bag since 12-13-01, I have called daily, asking where my bag is. I have not got any response or still dont know where my bag is. This is a rip off company!!!

4690 Longley Lane Suite 38 Reno, Nevada U.S.A.


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