Freedom Realty Company, Inc. Review


I was one of the dumb people who did not check this company, Freedom Realty, (Kim and Chris Rocha) out before buying from them. They told me all kinds of lies to get me to buy and I believed them as they live there and work there and have been there for years, so I believed everything I was told. Once I moved in and started to talk to other people who live there I found out they, Kim and Chris, her husband, lie, stole from others, threatened others and me once I confronted her about her unethical behavior.I found court cases, complaint against her all over the internet and most disturbing is their neighbors all said they are real bad people who will do and say anything to sell real estate. I was also told by her former friends and neighbors that they took them to court and got a judgement against them for having their real estate business there which they have completely ignored. If you complain or if they don’t like you they will make up stories like they did to an elderly couple that lived there up to this year and have now moved back to Florida. They tell everyone they are big drug dealers and growers in hopes to drive them away. All this while confessing to be “Christians” but all one has to do is be around them for a few days to hear all the swearing and lies to know this is nothing but a big act to sell more property. Call the Tenn Real Estate Commission and read the complaint, check with the court in Jamestown, check the internet and see all of the complaint on them and their actions. Do NOT do any business with these liar’s and thieves without first checking them out for yourself. Go and talk to her neighbors for yourself. I have been told by people who live there that they have stolen from them, lied to them and threatened them and that there are active criminal and civil investigations on them. Do your homework before using Freedom Realty !

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