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Complaint: I bought a car from Freeman Auto Credit back in 2000. I also bought a warranty ($900.00) for this car. 30 days after I bought this car it brokedown while I was out of state. I was stuck out of state for five days due to this brakedown. Freeman Auto Credit after 5 days said they would pay for the repaires for the car but charge it to my loan amount. I asked to return the car for my money back, they said no. I asked to trade the car in for another car, they said no. The warranty did not cover the repaires for this brakedown. The car company would not take this car from me. I have been trying to come to some sort of aggrement with them over this car with no sucess. I still have this car now (2005) I can not do anything with it. I can not sell it, give it away, or junk it. They still have the title to it. This car has broken down on me over 10 times since i bought it. It has never been in working order for more than a month at a time. For example I had a new fuel pump put in and the car ran good… for two days… now it needs a new transmisson. this is just an example of what i have been going through. I guess I should have known some thing was up with this company when I saw the advertisement on their window basiclly encuraging low-income people to buy car from them. They did advertise for people on welfare to come there if they need a car. To me this was so they can sell bad cars to people that would not have the money for an attorney. Freeman Auto Credit went out of business in 2002. Since then Freeman Nissan has taken over thier customers. I tried to explain to Freeman Nissan about the issues regaurding the car. They did not care they wanted to money. The lady I talked to a Freeman Nissan said its not even on my credit report but… it is. She also said she has no records of any brakedowns concerning this car but… I have the proof. The brakedowns on this car is not my only issue. The plastic parts inside the car such as the plastic pieces that cover the seatbelt buckle where glued on with what looks like wood glue. there are other pieces inside the car that were glued. The heater has never worked in the car since i bought it. The hood latch broke while i was driving… scary! I alos have lost a job due to the brakedowns of this car. Let alone My children have had to walk in the the rain to school or get rides from classmates or family friends. I am hoping some one can tell me what to do i have tried everything. Nothing is working. I have been fighting this for so long! Some advise please!! Danelle Pacifica, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Address: 1275 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, California U.S.A.


Phone: 707-545-7050

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