Freeman Custom Homes, Inc. Review


I am not alone. | i signed a contract for Charles Freeman, owner of freeman Custom Homes, to build my home. | Charles freeman was unable to complete the work, within the scope of the contracted time. | He and his employees and contractors were unable to finish the expectations and details of my home. | We obtained a certificate of occupancy from the City of Westfield, and moved into a home that was not complete. | At first, communication and follow up was reasonable. after 4 months, no additional work was done on my home. after 9 months, no communication attempts were return. at 10 months, Charles Freeman closed his business. | I had a punch list of 20 items that would cost $25,000-$35,000 to hire to completion. | To date, i have spent $15,000 of my own additional money to complete as much of the punch list and follow up items as possible. | Do not do business with this man. | Do not apply for a loan, and grant him permission to access the draws for a construction loan. | Do not give him money for work that is not complete.

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