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I purchased “LiBrow” after cut and color. At the time of purchase, I mentioned how I’ve been trying to grow out my brows. The front desk women quickly turned around and handed me “LiBrow” and mentioned this was the best product and guaranteed the results and they would refund it if I was not happy with the results. She informed me about the product and again stated it was 100% refundable if I was not satisfied. However, when it came to returning the item I was passed from the front office personnel, to the manager and eventually the owner of the salon – not a good sign. I was given the usual “unfortunately “the front desk personnel no longer work there and they can’t verify what was said” this, from the office manager. I asked to speak with the manager; again I was blown off and told that “the manager also no longer worked there”; really? LiBrow cost $150. 00 and the guarantee was promised and my father was there as a witness! I am dumbfounded at this point and pissed to be honest because I honor my promises and expected the same, especially from a business. I requested to speak with the owner of the salon. She stated she “would not refund my money” again because neither personnel where still working there; again really? What does that have anything to do with the salon’s “procedures as the owner put in place and then deny everything? She, of course, stated she was “unaware of the guarantee” and that they no longer carry the item. I wonder why? Is this really a way to run a high-end salon? As owner, she must be making hundreds of thousands of dollars and I just can not believe that she can’t honor the pledge at time of purchase and refund a $150.00 refund. Obviously, they do not stand behind their products or promises and use excuses in to get out of guarantees; in doing so; I wouldn’t trust anything the store offers and would never refer anyone to the salon.

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