Complaint: I purchased a ford F-550 from friendly ford about march after waiting almost 7 weeks for them to correct some problems the truck had because it was still under warranty. The truck ran for about 10 days and quit. We took the truck to our local dealership as we are 4 hours away from friendly ford to have it checked out. The ford dealership we took it to found that neither the front or back brakes had been checked and were both bad including rotors. The turbo had not been seated properly, the heads were not tightened, the injectors were not installed properly, missing rings and gaskets and not tightened properly. The #8 injector was the wrong injector for the motor. Because these were the things friendly ford done to the truck we felt they should correct their neglegence. We contacted the owner of friendly ford telling him of all the things wrong with the truck. He admitted to forgetting about the brakes and said he would take care of all the other problems, just to send him a bill. When we sent the bill, they waited over 4 weeks and sent us a letter stating that they would only pay for the back brakes. Needless to say we were stuck with over a $1000+ bill and a few weeks later the transmission went out, they also were supposed to have fixed it to. I discourage anyone from purchasing a vehicle from friendly ford. Michelle KINGS MTN., North CarolinaU.S.A.

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Address: 165 EAST ST. PITTSBORO, North Carolina U.S.A.


Phone: 919-545-9950

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