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Complaint: We brought our kia sorento there on 11/13 the a/c tensioner and belt where Seized up.I am and was aware of other issues with the truck it is an 04.I asked to see what was wrong before they worked on it,So on 11/15 when they got the part in “Bobby””””the mechanic walks with me to the truck and very Condescendingly proceeds to tell me how I have neglected my truck and everything that was wrong again.So I am normaly good natured just listened to his tounge lashing about my neglect

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Address: When all I wanted was to see the part he was fixing.So I get my kia back yesterday 11/18 at around 6 p.m..Took it home 1.5 miles away and did not drive it again till this morning 11/19.When starting it up There was a loud shirl sound coming from the belt/pully that was replaced So i brought to the service department again this morning.Scott from the service department Goes and gets “”Bobby””I made him aware of the issue but it was a intermediate noise.Insteed of bringing it back in to look he proceeded To tell me once again the whole list of other things wrong with my truck instead of bringing it in.He then tells me and I Quote “”Well I “”bobby””already had your truck running and stinking up my shop for an hour yesterday and am not bringing it back in””his exact words.He was very hostile and rude about this manner.So after being belittled for the final time I had had enough we took the truck and left.I was then contacted by The service manager he offered for me to bring it back.I then made him aware that after the mental abuse that his mechanic but me through i did not feel comfortable bring my truck there for anything.I then tryed to contact the owner making him aware of the situation and asked for a refund being my truck was not fixed.So they call me again offering to look at it again once again i refused and asked for a refund explaining once again i did not feel comfortable around his service department and or his mechanics.I did not feel i had to deal nor was going to deal with anymore abuse.When i asked for a full refund I was laughed at tell me “”well thats not going to happen while the GM laughed.So i am writing this report I feel they owe me 477.74 being my truck was not fixed right.”


Phone: 5819 US Highway 19 new port richey , Florida USA

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