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Complaint: My nephew entered and won a ploid auction. After winning, he sent the required ploids to Frito Lay. A short time later the envelope with the ploids came back. The envelope was stamped by the post office with a message stating that the P.O. box (the address listed in the instructions) was closed. Shortly thereafter my nephew received a message stating that his ploid account was closed because Frito Lay didn’t receive his ploids. His mother sent a letter to Frito Lay explaining what happened, the dates on the envelope, and how it came back because the post office couldn’t deliver it. I doubt that anyone at Frito Lay so much as looked at the letter. Their response was to send a boiler plate reply stating the rules of the auction and saying that because the ploids were never sent the account was closed. The problem is that the ploids were sent, unfortunately, a problem on Frito Lay’s part prevented them from being accepted. All of this was sent to the Texas Better Business Bureau quite a while ago. They never did anything. Mike La Grange, IllinoisU.S.A.

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