Front Gate Mail Order Catalog New York New York Review


Front Gate mail order catalog and brick and mortar store are selling shoddy, cheap, short lasting Christmas decorations for at least 5 years. We have ordered wreaths, garland, etc. for Christmas. When they come everything is fine. However after one season all the lights blow out. They are cheaply made chinese junk nWhen you complain, they might replace it. Depends on who you talk too. If they don’t stand behind this garbage that they sell. they ask you to fix it yourself, through email no less. This coming from what they claim is a catalog that sells to upscale people. I don’t care if they sell to any economic class, stand behind your product.nI wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer of the outdoor indoor ornaments isn’t the same as the one Apple uses on their I Phone. Cooley wages, minimum pay and extremely long hours. Some workers committed suicide from these horrific conditions. nAmerica has become a money tunnel vision country and people like Paul Tarvin and Front Gate mailorder catalog are a big part of it. Shame on Front Gate mail order for not backing up your cheap merchandise. If you foolishly order from them, use AMEX only, that way you can stop payment. Get a refund or get another piece of crap Chinese merchandise.

5566 West Chester Rd Internet United States of America

1 800 692 8073

Outdoor Furniture & Equipment

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