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The instruction at Front Sight was extraordinary. I learned so much there. My skill level is WAY above where it would have been by now. Instructors were patient and highly professional. However, we upgraded to a new membership level with the promise of a handgun and it’s been 6 months and still no gun. I’ve emailed the owner Piazza several times and his response every time is “the manufacturer can’t keep up with our demand.” This is crap because I called the manufacturer and they informed me there is no backorder for front sight. They have never been backordered with any of their FFL’s. | I think when Piazza is creating his book length emails he needs to include the fact that it could be over a year before you receive a gun (which isn’t included anywhere in his ads). We followed all the directions for receiving the gun to the letter as we had heard of problems before upgrading. However, Piazza seems like he has a serious cash flow problem because he can’t get these guns into the hands of members as promised. This has really changed my opinion of the company and I am now planning to attend another training facility that has better ethics.

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