Frymar Construction Burlington New Jersey


Complaint: I had purchased a foreclosure property before I purchased the house I had a home inspector come to the house and inpect it. I was informed that the basement had asbestos. I then typed in asbestos removal into the computer and got a number that directed me to a Randy Cooper..I asked him if he could go out to the house and check and see how bad the asbestos was. H e then sent a supposed asbestos crew out to tell me how much it wuld be to remove the asbestos and said for 4000 dollars my basement would be immaculate! He proceeded to call me daily until I set up a time for his crew to remove the asbestos..On May ! 2015 I had his subcontracted company “Frymar Construction”” came out to the house and supposedly remove all asbestos..not only is the ACM still visable on duct work

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Address: material is visable on ledgeand in sink below their was no visable encapsulation on work performed all very unproffesional and inadaquate house is unable to pass inspection. I paid 4000 dollars for a mess and I now cannot afford to pay someone else to remove it…”


Phone: p.o. box 11587 philadelphia , Pennsylvania USA

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