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I sent this letter to Fry’s. This letter speaks of itself. As of now, Fry’s has refused to do anything. Fry’s blames that the laptop was already damaged. My point is I deserve my laptop at least on the condition of which it was accepted by Fry’s. Please read this letter for details: I have not heard from the corporate office as of today. April 2, 2010 Mr. Jay Moore Store Manager Frys Electronics Store #19-Arlington 102 East I-20 Arlington, TX 76018 I am writing this letter to formally file a complaint on the issues described below. This letter is also to inform you that if a satisfactory resolution is not reached within 30 days, all available legal actions will be taken against Frys electronics, Arlington, TX for all the retributions related to this issue. For your information, this letter is being sent to the CEO of Frys Electronics, Mr. John Fry. HISTORY On December 8, 2007, I bought a Fujitsu laptop with the extended warranty to expire in December 2010. The sales person made me understand that Fujitsu is a great brand, and spill resistance comes with this brand. The laptop clearly states spill resistance right by the keyboard. At the time, I had no alternatives but to believe him; after all, sales people are the face to the customers for the company. Just a few months after I purchased the laptop, some amount of juice was spilled over the keyboard. I cleaned it as much as I could, but the laptop continued working. Keeping in mind that the spill resistance was a part of the features of the laptop, I did not worry too much about it. About 2 years after the incident, I noticed occasional fan error coming out and the laptop would shut off. Since I still had the warranty, I decided to take the fan error screenshot and take the laptop to the Frys Electronics for possible repair. I had to take the screenshot since the problem was not occurring all the time. Sometimes in March 2010, before I decided to bring the laptop at the store, I made a phone call and talked to an employee in your warranty group about the issues I was having. Based on the problem description I gave the employee about the fan error, the employee suggested cleaning up the fan on the bottom. On this model, I did not see the fan. He asked me to bring it in so he can show me. I brought the laptop to the store, and an employee checked to see what was happening. He clearly saw the laptop was working, but concluded the fan area was heating up unusually, so decided to accept the laptop for warranty work. For your record, spill incident was mentioned to the employee, but the employee said the spill would have nothing to do with the fan error; after all, the laptop was working for two years. I was promised to have the laptop delivered to me within a week unless a part needed to be ordered and ordering parts takes more time. Since I did not hear back from Frys Electronics, I made a phone call to inquire about the status on repair of my laptop. At the time, I was told that part was on order, and I will be contacted after the laptop is repaired upon the parts arrival. Three weeks later, an employee from Frys notified me that the warranty was void since spill took place and I would have to pay for the diagnosis. I was not happy to hear that and tried to talk to the manager. My wife came to the store and talked to one of the managers, Jay Moore. Mr. Moore told her that he would order the fan, and asked us to pay for the fan, but installation and diagnosis fee would be waived. My wife and I thought this was better than nothing, so we told them to go for it. On April 1, 2010, Frys electronics notified my wife the laptop cannot be fixed even with the new fan and laptop did not work at all. At this time, my wife tried to tell the employee that laptop was working, but the employee showed distrust to customer attitude. She asked him to talk to the employee who accepted the laptop for repair in the first place. She left a message for Jay Moore after this incident, but no call has been returned as of today. We gave the laptop on a working condition, only with an occasional fan error, now the laptop is not in working condition at all. I cannot and will not accept the laptop from you on this condition. FAULT AT YOUR PART As far as I can tell there at least 3 problems from your side and they are related to your incompetent, uninformed and untrained employees. 1: Your incompetent, uninformed and untrained employee sold us something with the wrong information telling us spill resistance is covered under the extended warranty. 2. Your incompetent, uninformed and untrained employee accepted my laptop for warranty work despite the fact we told him there was a spill a couple of years before. I cannot blame him a whole lot, since he understood the same way that I did about the warranty; He clearly saw the laptop was working, but the fan was heating up. 3. Your incompetent, uninformed and untrained technician pretty much broke my laptop making it in Not working condition. Due to several communications back and forth, it is taking our unnecessary time and efforts, and it is causing unnecessary stresses to our health. In fact, when the employee made a phone call on April 1, 2010 to notify us the laptop was not working at all, my wifes blood pressure level went unusually high with headaches. My wife and I have called numerous times leaving messages to the managers to contact us to resolve this issue, we got no call returns from them as of yet. DEMAND At this moment, we demand that Frys electronics refund the full amount including taxes and extended warranty as shown below: Laptop: $899.00 Extended Warranty: $112.49 Subtotal: $1012.49 Taxes: (8.00%): $81.00 Total: $1093.49 If this offer is not met within 30 days of this demand letter, I will take all available legal actions for further settlement. At that time, I will be demanding additional amounts for legal fees, my valuable time, and amount related to possible health and stress issues. We expect a fair and prompt resolution for this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the phone number above. Thank you very much. CC: Mr. John Fry, CEO Frys Electronics Incorporated Corporate Office 600 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA 95112 Delivered Via: Fax (817-557-6519) Arlington Store Fax (408-487-4700) – Head quarter Certified Mail on 4/3/2010

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