Fujitsu General America, Inc. Newport Rhode Island Review


Heres our experience after my wife and I purchased a Fujitsu mini-split (combination air conditioning and heating unit, #23RLQ) from an authorized Fujitsu dealer in 2008. We paid slightly over $2,000 for the unit, plus $368.32 to an electrician and $600 to a Fujitsu-trained technician to install it.At first it ran great, although we didnt use it often. In November, 2010, it started working intermittently and flashed an error code. Despite numerous repair attempts by a technician from an authorized Fujitsu repair facility, it stopped working altogether in the spring of 2011. We were advised by the facility that the unit was not repairable and that we should work directly with Fujitsu for a solution.Since then we have tried to contact Fujitsu twice, first on June 7, 2011, by mailing and emailing a letter to its customer service department, and then on June 25 by writing directly to the president of the company. The response has been a resounding silence. Although we furnished our telephone numbers, mailing address, and email address, Fujitsu has not used any of them to even acknowledge our letters.Meanwhile our $3,000 Fujitsu unit is still mounted on the wall, still flashing the same error code, but is totally useless. In fact, it will cost us money just to remove it.I should point out that we did not make any unreasonable demands upon Fujitsu. Although the warranty that came with it has not fully expired (the compressor was warranted for five years), we are not demanding a free replacement unit. But we believe any reputable company should be willing to work with its customers to repair problems that are obviously only repairable by the company itself (by interpreting the error codes they built into the unit).We are still hoping to hear from Fujitsu and get our expensive air conditioner/heating unit fixed. But until then, take this as a warning. If you buy a Fujitsu unit and have trouble with it, dont expect any help from the company.

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