Fun Town RV Center


The management team at this location promotes customer abuse. Sure. They seem like nice people upfront, but the price they quote you when walking around and the price that ends up on your quote sheet will be two drastically different numbers. | Try to leave their office with their quote and they will physically grab you and take it away from you. | The good news is that they have cameras and record all of this on tape. But call their management team and Dazzle, which probably isn’t his real name, and will call you back and tell you that it is their policy to make sure no one leaves with a quote — even if it means physically grabbing a customer’s arm to get it back. Really? | Threaten to call the Waco police. No problem. I was told that Noel Marshall’s wife (the abusive salesman) works for the police department – so good luck with that. | And that’s before they sell you a trailer, who knows what will happen if you bring it back for a repair. | I personally will never walk on their property again without a witness and video camera. This is the perfect opportunity for an investigative reporter or anyone with an undercover camera to record these guys and put them on YouTube and social media to show how they treat their customers. | They are literally a lawsuit waiting to happen due to the company’s policies of encouraging their employees to rip RV estimates out of customer’s hands. I was shocked beyond belief. | And its not just me, see these other customers who received poor treatment from Fun Town RV.

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