G.D.S Concepts, Inc. Review


CONCEPTS IS A SCAM RAN BY BRIAN VALDEZ SABO Segments of this company have a culture of lying to its entry level employees and potential customers. Misreporting is rampant, encouraged and in some cases ordered. Trainers (supervisors) who engage in this type of deception are rewarded and protected it seems. Employees who choose not to go along are met with relentless hostility. These are heartless individuals who teach us to scam the locals at (“our events”) gas stations. For the record I’m still employed with them, but am currently seeking opportunities elsewhere. GDS DOES NOT HAVE A BUSINESS LICENSE, NOR PERMIT IN THE STATE OF OREGON. From my first interview i smelt something strange in the air, including my interviewers persona, terrible actor by the way. These so called events they preach to us while training are utterly ridiculous, we do not go to raceways, NASCAR events, or car shows. My first day i could tell that nearly 67 percent of my fellow employees were doped-up bright and early ladies gentleman! These people love to post numerous mounts of adds on Craigslist Monday through Sunday. Oh, and we share an office suite the size of a one bedroom apartment with another company. Now, the breast cancer research foundation scam! – We have been brainwashed to express our dying loyalty and dignity to potential customers, in regards with the foundation. – GDS has not donated millions of dollars to the BCRF. – RGS Labs (the company we share the tiny office with) donated the money to the foundation, their name is on the check, NOT GDS. – Every day is our FW1 “Pink Promo.” – We personally pay gas stations just so that we can set up our tents and banners to broadcast the breast cancer ribbon.

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