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Complaint: G & G Gas Station (former Taxeco Gas Station), onwes gas station, towing trucking and auto garage business. In summer of 2001, my 96 Chevy Caprice front driver-side lower ball joint broken right on exit ramp of I-495 (Washington DC Belt-way). The car could not move The car was towed to G & G Gas Station near Exit-31. The repair bill was $475, just replace driver-side lower ball joint and 2 front sway bar end-link. The $20-lower ball joint was marked up to $85, the end-link was charged to $35 each, the rest of were labor. While the shop mananger gave me estimation, I had no idea about parts cost and labor-hour, I had to sign serivce order, since my car could not move and I had no bargin power at all. But I found later that all parts and labor were over-charged. Beware that garage. Jesse NY, New YorkU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Silverspring, MD, Near I-495 Exit-31 Silverspring, Montana U.S.A.



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