Gabrielle Weibush – Sebring, Ohio Ohio


Meet Gabrielle Weibush, goes by Gabby. She has been sleeping with her supervisor at Ventra Plastics since her newborn was only two months old!! She pursued him even though he was clearly married. Her supervisor Craig Stepan just celebrated his 10 anniversary with his wife today. Craig and his wife have 2 children together. Gabby is also in a relationship with the man she has her daughters with. Gabby and Craig both gave into tempation and were going to ruin their families because their own selfishness. They still are both going behind their wife/boyfriends back continuing their relationship even though they are supposed to be working on things at home. This is not the first time that Gabby has pursued a man with a family! People deserve to know how shady, deceiving, & unfaithful Gabby is!!!!

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