I have probably fifty emails. I suppose you’ll say a fool and his money are soon parted. I went via PayPal and then found hundreds in disputed claims via PayPal so much so I lost my bank account and had to refinance giving away the pink slip to my car. I had to pay back a lot to Paypal( $540.08) and they closed the dispute fraud. they told me since I was buying planes ina virtual game it’s hard to prove and yet they have my money. I forgave and decided to take it as a loss and decided to continue playing the game and buying( stupidly) more planes to about the tune of well over $1,000.00. Then last week I was blocked as per “fraud” and using faked credit cards. I didn’t know how to prove this and am now out $2,000 plus a new bank account and thousands in Paypal and credit card expenses. I sent emails,. i called thir offices 011-44-20-0330x 5128 and spooke to a womanI’ll initial DS( also wrote a guy named Vlad, a guy named Sergey Makharov and more) and faxed proof I am who I am and proof I own the credit cards to no avail. Last night at 0200 in the morning I called Desislava Spaslova and she told me she never recieved the fax and I had to call . Well Gaijin is telling me I need to speak to support at ghaijin which is the number above. Cost me $200.00 for phone bill and $21.00 for fax in which they say is lost. I feel spurned and scammed. This AM I’m locjked out for (11,000d..11,000 days) for alleged possible fraud. I can do nothing as it’s across seas and virtual and they own the damned computers so I’m out thousands, yes thousands. I will have to change all credit cards and pay everything back and I bought a LOT of planes and now they own my money and have kicked me out of the game probably laughing at the stupid”gaijin” that spent so much( plus 7 months premium acccount) and they are deleting me more and more and telling me there are now “chargebacks” and want proof of my new bank account. I sent what I can but I just read some guy was reamed for $160.00 and I am reamed for over 10x’s that much. I have no one to blame but them and my own idiocy and have no confidence they’vll “resolve ” this not after that 0200 number. Oddly this is what I’ve found. One call I get a guy who says he’s an IT tech and lives in Bugaria. When I went to play2safe(?) I got a jrdanian cutout and when AT&T called me with international calls she stated I was calling the UK and I own $200.00 and suggested a Federal government blah blah which would cost and I really am poor. I just wanted and still want to play the game. I wish I can say this is easy being a fool but it’s not. I’m angry and in tears but in the last few days seeing fraud on me when I have bills up the yin-yang and still locked out then who is the fraudster and who is the victim? PayPal will do nothig but lip service nor my credit card people. As stated my bank account is cooked and I am disabled and on a disability pension. That disability is the reason i thought a game with flying albeit virtual would be a lot of fun. granted I went over board with buying some planes and such but dang it was and is fun. i am still holding out hope these people will re-accept me but after reading others complaint I think I’m just a sucked, a Gaijin in the japanese sense of the word and these wolves have shown no help just mocking in their way and basically telling me to take a hike as they shuffle me from one person to another. This is the fax number I sent to DesaslovaSpaslova( real names??. I mean Sergey Makarov, a pistol and a name like Smith?). I honestly do not know what to do . I have no idea if they’ll reimburse me or just keep the money and keep me locked out which is why I’m filing this. If they let me back in okay fin. If they reimburse all the money I spent fine but if this keeps up which I think it will then they ripped me off and filed false charges and I’m stuck with the bills and NOTHING. After over 20 eamils and faxes and 6 overseas phone calls staying up for the ten hour time difference I feel like s**t, angry, sad and taken for the first time in my life. Again, I sign my name with “honor and respect.” and I will withdraw this complaint( I sure hope this is resolved) with honor and respect they held up their side of the bargain but I cannot even log in and se what they’re doing. Nothing. No return phone calls. I wish I could say this was a positive deal but I feel, as stated reamed and I sense they’ll take the money and run. What the hell do I do?

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