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Complaint: I bought a vehicle from gainesville ford a 2001 explorer ….I had it for about three weeks and had to take it back to them because it was making sounds …..i was told it was my powersteering. So it was in the shop about week and half I got my truck back and less then a day it was making the noise again …..when i took it back this time i was told that it was a bad part. So i understand sometimes parts are not going to be good so i gave them that and left it at that. But when it started happen again and it was even 24 hours since i picked it up from them it makes wander if they know what they are doing or if they fixed it at all ….my vehicle is under warrenty but it is time comsumming and inconvience and very frustrating to be making payments on this truck with warrenty and they will not fix it ….when i take back a third time i took the maintance manager with me to hear the sound …..he then told me that it was a common sound that this vehicle makes …..i asked him why did they tell me something differenct ….and he told me that he could duplicate it in another explorer …i stood there for about 15 mins waiting on him to bring another truck around to duplicate the sound and i got tired of waiting and walked around where he was and he was driving back into the parking lot trying to find a vehicle with the same sound ….he then tells me that we should get vehicle like mine with a v8 engine so we do ….we do donuts for about 5 min just going in circles and it never does it ……and they are taking me around in circles keep telling me to wait untill they find a fix for this problem ….i feel that i should not have to wait and they should not told me one thing and they really don’t know what the problem is……by the time they find out what it is there will be something else wrong due this. lisa ocala, Florida

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Address: 3333 n main st gainesville, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 352-3765371

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