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Traded a Peter Max print “Flower Spectrum”” for a L. Sottil Canvas 4/24/09. It appears I’m not the only one. I was promised it would sell for min $32K at the end of October 2009. I just called to get status and none of their numbers or emails are working. Today is 11/10/09. I’m sure there is no way I will be getting my money back by now. Not only am I out the $4225 chaged my credit card but I’m out the $9325 valued Peter Max print I traded. But who knows if that is legitimate because I was sold that by Nigel Goddard of Galerie Concorde. I’ve been dealing with these Canadian criminals for over 10 years now. All these stupid prints and nothing to show for it. Then Patrick Dowling of Jen-Art calls me with a life line and a very legitimate sounding plan to steadily sell off my losses. I fell right into that one not even thinking that this was a continued scheme to rip me off. “”This was my only chance to retain any value in my collection””. I know I’m not the only one ripped off on this scheme that appears to have been going on for years. Now to my horror I try to contact Patrick Dowling to get the “”number has been disconnected””. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone started any actions?? I would like to know and include my situation. Thanks.”

5475 Pare Suite #120 Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec United States of America


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