Galley Hidden- Siesta key Florida Review


I love almost anything if it has to do with Joy Division or Ian Curtis, and my friends and family know this. So recently some serious money was spent on a gift I received-an Ian Curtis painting from a Chicago, Illinois gallery called “Gallery Hidden””. nWhat I received was an amateurish piece of crap (see the horrid picture here). Yet another ripoff of Philippe Carly’s photograph-but with spilt paint and body hair on it! I’m not kidding

curly black body hair stuck to it! I could have done much better myself

and haven’t taken a day of art class!!! Friends have described the “”painting”” (and that’s being generous) as a cross eyed Gary Numan in Jimi Henrix’s shirt. Phillippe Carly would be sick if he saw this. nThe artist calls himself EsQui. I contacted the gallery

not for a refund

but just for a possible exchange. I was given an arrogant explanation that the painting was intentionally left as is

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