Game Room Treasures Review


I had a TERRIBLE experience with John Ridgway of Game Room Treasures. He is a super smooth talker on the front end and an unscrupulous FRAUD on the back end. I purchased a multicade from him. After 14 months it completely died. I begged him and offered him money to help me and service it. He told me “things break” and I just have to “deal with it.” | I have since come to find out that he charged me $500-$800 more then the going rate for a multicade of this kind (which he is refusing to service or take care of me) and no one in town wants to work on it since it is not their system and is essentially a “Do it yourself kit” from Japan. | Do your homework people and do not buy from him. He has no store front, he works out of his basement, and he has had multiple addresses over last few years. Invoice doesn’t come over as Game Room Treasures and he uses a PO Box. | Shady shady shady – STAY AWAY from John Ridgway and Game Room Treasures!

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