Game X Change Montgoery Texas Review


I purchased a royal rumble game for my sega genisis and a gameboy color. A few days later I tested the the gameboy color and the screen was so scratched that I could barely see the game. Also, the royal rumble game did not work. I asked the associate working behind the couter if I could trade the gameboy color or royal rumble for store credit and he said no. They had my transaction history in their system and denied me even a store credit. He spoke to his manager and called me back and said I could not speak to the manager and rudely denied to help me. Please be careful what you purchase from these store because the employees are very rude and will not help you. Instead I traded both these items to (((REDACTED))) in Houston and they paid me alot of money for these items and gave me far superior customer service. (((REDACTED))) Don’t ever buy anything from these franchises because they will put you in the same situation. I want everyone to be aware because this store just opened up in Conroe.

1108 North Loop 336 West Suite H Conroe, Texas USA


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