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They came because the door was making a whining sound but was still doing it’s job going up and down. Troubleshooting discovered it was a snapped cable. When they came they told me the whole spring set up needed to be replaced. during this they completely damaged the actual opener/motor. it now no longer will work with the spring set up they put in. They assured me it would be a compatable product and when it wasn’t working they told me when I come up with another 400$ they will help me more and when I advised them I feel this was a terrible scam they said oh well that’s how you feel and left. Now I am left having to lift my door open and closed because they lied to me. When I attempted to work with them to get my money back or the issue corrected they basically told me too bad give them more money. As a result of the way the door is not working my handicap mother is unable to leave the house to go on trips around the neighborhoot in her wheelchair as she can’t open/close door and is unable to go out the front door.

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