garcia facial plastic surgery fernandina beach Florida


Complaint: i was a patient at garcia facial plastic surgery in neptune beach, fl. i wish to god i had never heard of the place. i went there with the intention of trying to have my appearance improved as i was aging quicker than my wife, who is ten years my junior.unfortunately for me, i allowed dr. garcia to perform a face-lift upon me. i awoke from surgery to find that i had STAPLES clearly visible on a portion of my face! not hidden fine surgical threads, but STAPLES! a portion of my natural hairline was simply gone! i had facial asymetry, hair loss, and OBVIOUS, UGLY, EMBARRASSING facial scarring. people were so shocked by my “new”” look that i found myself lying to them to hide my shame. i told most everyone that i had bad skin cancer and that was the reason for my facial scarring. obviously unhappy

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Address: i asked dr. garcia to refund my monies. i was ignored. i then protested outside of their office on 3rd. street. they sent their lawyer out to greet me with the threat of a potential lawsuit!personally

Website: EVER fully recover from the nightmare of being surgically altered by that man.”

Phone: i believe that dr. roberto garcia is a surgical-hack and a con-man. i believe that he is both dishonest and incompetent. i have since had THREE procedures done by different surgeons to try and mask the scarring that was left behind by dr. garcia’s work. while my appearance may have improved somewhat

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