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Complaint: Iu2019ve tried to see if thereu2019s anything I can do to stop this man but there isnu2019t much. All I can try to do is inform people so they donu2019t fall into the same trap that I did. Hereu2019s what happened. I had been contacted through TEXT after finding his job ad for a receptionist opening at his spa RelaxNGlow (formally BlissNCare), his ad asked for someone with sales experience, and since I had done a few sales jobs, I thought I could apply. I didnu2019t really expect him to respond to me and ask me to come in for an interview. He also asked me to wear all black to the interview (my bf and mother thought it was strange that he asked me to wear something specific to an interview). The interview wasnu2019t an interview at all. He handed me a clipboard with a survey on it, asking me interview questions while he sat behind the desk in an awkward silence. At the bottom, the pay was stated as $12 an hour, even though on the ad, the compensation was $14- $18 an hour. After reading everything, I signed the bottom and handed the paper back to him. Gary then hands me a two page script and told me to memorize it in the next day and a half and come back for the second part of the interview. When I went back for the second part of the interview, I recited the script the best way that I could and he started asking me questions about my work history and whether I was spiritual how much I used to make at my other job. Fine. He then goes on to tell me that since the sales I did at my other job was aggressive, he wasnu2019t sure if I was the u201cright fitu201d for the position. He asked me to text him u201cbefore 9u201d if I was interested in training. I texted him when I got the chance and told him I was interested to which he told me to come in the next day. The Texts were as follows: u201cCome to the Spa at 9:30AM tomorrow morning! U will be working all be working all day from 9:30 to 8:30.u201d I was a little surprised at the last minute change because when he asked me on the initial interview when I could start, I told him the following Monday since I was leaving my other job the following week. I decided to go to this training and met another girl who looked to be around my age. Gary then hands us a checklist of things we have to do. Apart from Taking phone calls and booking appointments, there were at least 70 other things we had to do as receptionists and thank god there were two of us to split the work because it was a lot of work. Some of it included: Cleaning up the reception area; Windex the glass in the bathroom; clean the tables in the waiting area; buy roses for the clients coming in; slice lemons and fill container for the lemon water in the reception area; count the petty cash; open up the spa; turn on the water feature; take out the garbage; text the therapists and let them know what time theyu2019re coming into the spa; call the people on the dayu2019s schedule to confirm appointments; send out emails to the people that were there yesterday to thank them for coming; go on yelp and check for yelp reviews. Those are just a few I remember off the top of my head. Gary literally did nothing while we were doing all the work. He just sat in the back texting. The program on Spa-booker, we learned from the tips of the Laser Tech and on our own, he would run in and out and do the bare minimum when we asked him questions. Not to mention, he was condescending. If you asked him a question, he would talk to you like you were a complete imbecile. I personally didnu2019t care because I felt like maybe that was just his personality, but heu2019s verbally abusive, that is a definite. I started to notice that he was doing things with my coworker and not with me. He taught her how to open the spa and deactivate the alarm but never showed me. His partner Daniel came in and he had Daniel sit down for 2 hours and show her the insides and outs of the Spa-Booker program where he put her onto the payroll and he didnu2019t do that with me. I started to get angry and suspicious that he had no intentions of hiring me and wanted to use me for free labor. He had me working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday a fill 9:30 to 8:30 calling it training. He told my coworker that she had to come in to work and not me so I finally contacted him and asked him if he had any intentions to hire me. Hereu2019s how it went: Me: Gary. I have a Question Gary: Go Ahead? Me: When do I come in for work? Iu2019ve completed the training but you havenu2019t told me if I have the job. I know you wouldnu2019t train me if you werenu2019t [interested] but I wanted to make sure. Gary: I will respond to your answer tomorrow. I have to ask everyone you worked with before I make a decision. Me: With all due respect, Iu2019ve done everything and more of what youu2019ve asked me to do. Have I been incompetent in any way that would make you feel like Iu2019m not the right fit for your company? Gary: Itu2019s not up to me entirely. We work as a team here. Their opinion is very important to me! ** First of all, I knew that was a BS brush off. Iu2019ve seen how he is with his employees, he doesnu2019t ask their opinions, he doesnu2019t even seem to respect his employees. I didnu2019t push it because I didnu2019t want to give him a reason to say he didnu2019t want to hire me. So I wait all of Sunday and I texted him: Me: Good Night, Gary. This is Tiffany, I wanted to know if youu2019ve made your decision. Gary: Hi Tiffany, sorry it took longer than expected. Unfortunately, itu2019s not a good fit. However, even though it was an unpaid training, Iu2019m going to mail you a check for 250. Please text me your address. Gary. *** If you divide $250 by 40, the hours I should have worked, I would have gotten $6.25 per hour. Not only is that less than minimum wage, but itu2019s less than half of what was promised in his ad, and a little over half of what he promised me at the interview. In my opinion, Gary Oberoi is a narcissistic sociopath. I have no idea how he can claim to give to Charities and tout Hindu/Buddhist philosophies when heu2019s a lying, scumbag of a man. Heu2019s greedy and I knew that from the moment I met him on the first interview and he asked me how much I made at my last job. You could see from his face that he was calculating in his head and if cash signs could flash in his eyes, Iu2019m sure they would have. The worst thing you can do is work for this man because he will look for every opportunity to scam you, and screw you. Donu2019t get me wrong, thereu2019s no such thing as a scrupulous business man, but Gary is a wolf in sheepu2019s clothing, representing himself as a moral man when he will screw you as soon as he has the opportunity. He asked me to put up a fake five star report on YELP for the spa, he had no intentions of hiring me, but he wanted to use me as much as he could before disgarding me. Itu2019s entirely your decision whether you want to work for him, but if you do, I suggest you get everything in writing and keep it because he will screw you if he can. I really hope someone puts a stop to this man but the chances are, heu2019s been doing this for so long that he knows how to not get caught.

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