Gateway Hurley State Bank Nashville Georgia Review


I purchased a Gateway PC for a line of credit of $1400. We filed bankruptcy last year and kept the PC. All late fees and payments were to be overlooked or postponed until discharge of the bankruptcy. When we got another statement, the balnace was a full $1000 higher due to interest, late fees, and over the limit fees. Of course you are going to be over the limit with the ridiculous 27% interest rate!! They wanted us to pay $700 at one time after the bankruptcy. nThey were supposed to work out a repayment plan, but did not, and now we owe the complete total of $2400 because we could not catch up with their fees and so on. nThis is rip-off, it is scandelous, and I think that someone should do something for the millions of honest, hard working people here and elsewhere that bust our a**es every day to pay for crap that we are being overcharged for! nI also have not received a statement in 5 months. When we did not get one, we called. They said our account had been turned over to a collection agency, and that is was about to be extinguished. nWe have to pay the full amount, or they will take back the computer!!! WHY WERE WE NOT TOLD?????? Crappy customer service reps, crappy business, and it is a shame, ya know? nGateway PC’s are great computers. It’s a shame so many good people can’t get jobs and start businesses on their own because of sh*t stains like Gateway!!!!!!!! nChrisnNashville, GeorgiaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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