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GCBX and Coleanse were advertised on Facebook as a weight loss program and offered a 30 day trial. The price for each product was $5.55. I couldn’t believe it was only $5.55 so I went ahead and ordered the two products. As I was entering credit card details the price came up again as $5.55 for each prduct. As far as I knew my credit card was charged two lots of $5.55. The product was meant to arrive in 3 – 5 days, however, I recieved the product 10 days later. Not a problem at that point as I had the product. Over a month later I noticed on my credit card that I had been charged $99.52 for the Cellandiet which I assume is the GCBX and $79.42 for the Coleanse. These two figures were not mentioned on the website and certainly did not appear on the page where I was odering the products. I called the toll free number to question the charge and the man could only give me one answer which was that I had willingly participated in a 30 day trial and that I should have called to cancel the product so that I would not have been charged the full fee. He then said that the $5.55 was for postage. He would not accept that I had agreed to pay $5.55 only and that this was the final amount on the payment screen. When I asked how was I supposed to know that I would be paying almost $180, he couldn’t answer the question. As I was very skeptical of what I was buying, I was paying particular attention to the amount I was charged and felt confident that I was only charged two lots of $5.55. I told them that their add was not authentic and misleading. He then asked if there was anything else that he could do and so I asked if he could reimburse me for the full amount as the amount was never advertised. He kept saying that I should have called and cancelled the product within 30 days. I hadn’t even had the product in my possession for thirty days before my credit card was docked. I have read on line that some people have been charged a couple of times so I will call again to cancel my order.

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