GE Capital Lending Group Inc.


Please help me close down this company and put these scam artist in prison! Please somebody tell me what to do to put these guys away! I am looking for more contacts on contacting everyone I can.

Will you please contact me to tell me how to put a stop to these guys and put them in prison! I applied online for a bad credit loan at websites that are suppose to match you with lenders. This was one that called me.

Please help me put a stop to this scam! They need to go to prison!
They took my last $89 and I have 8 days to find a place to live. I may be in the shelter because of them. I am disabled and can’t walk good so a shelter life will be terrible for me. They have devastated my life. They made me think I was going to get a $15,000 loan that I was going to pay down on a $29,000 single wide and land. And this was going to save me in my crisis! A mortgage company was going to finance the rest. Now I have no money and no place to go! Devastated and helpless!!!

They claim to be a finance company and had approved me for a $15,000 loan, with $101.85 closing cost.

The sent us paper work to fill out and email back to them.

They got my social security number, bank account and router number and everything about me!!!

They are getting peoples information from a website that is posing as a loan finder site. I don’t know which one they got our name from because I filled out so many of them.

Here is their website and emails they are using…
[email protected] I was told to send an email here with the money gram info. It bounced.
[email protected] this email didn’t bounce until they got my money.
[email protected] I was told to send the GreenDot MoneyPak info to this one. They couldn’t get the money that way so they had me to send a MoneyGram.

A man name Larry Langley did all the talking for them.
Posed as a finance company and approved us for a loan for $15,000 and they had us to pay $101.85 for closing cost. They wanted me to send the money with a GreenDot MoneyPak card at CVS Pharmacy and they couldn’t get their money because the MoneyPak card was bought from NC and I forget what state he said he was in. I now know they are in Pennsylvania because of the cell phone area code. It cost me $4.95 for that card. Larry had us to put the money on a prepaid card (cost $6.95 to load card) and buy a MoneyGram (cost $11.00) to send the money and he said since it wasn’t my fault the the GreenDot MoneyPak didn’t work I could deduct the cost of the MoneyGram and send the rest. So He text ( from phone # +1-724-307-8809) us on the phone the contact info as follows… Amos L. Williams Jr. Atlanta GA

So we sent $89 with the MoneyGram to Amos L. Willams Jr. Atlanta GA

GE Capital Lending Group is the name of the company and Larry called from this number to offer me the loan… (866-811-1674)

Please help me send these people to prison! Tell me step by step what to do!!!

I called the District Attorney and Sherrifs office with no help at all!

This is not the first time I have been scammed and I am mad as hell!

It is time we take action against these types of scammers. There is just way to much of this going on and no body is doing anything about it!!!!. I demand I demand my money back and they go to prison!!!. Stay away

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