GE Money Bank – hhgregg Roswell Georgia Review


I bought a TV and refrigerator at hhgregg and they had a very attractive 18 months zero interest offer. I made payments of $200-300 each month to try to get the balance down each month, working very hard to come up with the money even when I didnt really have it. I had the balance way down to a very small amount when after 18 months BAMM I got socked with a $1600 bill. Well I thought it was just a mistake until I called and was greeted with a rude non-English speaking person at the other end who could care less and told me I will have to pay it “so sorry”” When I asked her if many other people called and complained about the same thing

dead silence on the line

then “”yes well people do no read the bill.”” Well the bill does not say that

or if it does

not to where I can understand that that is what it is saying

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