Geek Squad Issaquah Washington Review


Purchased multiple products from Best Buy – two laptops, large tablet. Now I get spam for a product I did not ask for. With each purchase a ‘free’ product was bundled – one of the following, Kaspersky Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security or Webroot Secure Anywhere internet security. I as the customer did not get a say in if I wanted them or not – I assumed I could just toss it as I did not technically purchase or sign an agreement for this software. Now I’m getting weekly emails titled “Action required: Install your internet security software”” coming from Geek Squad for each product – so it’s adding up quickly. Reviewing the mail – there is no opt out

stop sending me mail or way to manage the emails at all. The only simular link is “”For full details of your geek squad plan(s)

please click here”” which shows me my digital downloads and again no option to cancel/remove/stop email spam. My email address is 10+ years old

I am a Best Buy Elite Plus member – and I cannot get help from Geek Squad or Best Buy to stop this spam. The physical store that ‘sold’ me the product cannot do anything about it and two hours on the phone with geek squad got me nothing. It’s my belief that if Geek Squad can get me to activate the product (or only renew) then they get an affiliate fee. But this is abusive to the end consumer in that I cannot control the spam they are sending to me. I do not wish to use their products. One Geek Squad support specialist suggested removing my email address from their system – meaning all BestBuy emails would stop – that’s not a great answer and is terrible for the Best Buy marketing team. Why can’t they just fix the problem? I’m submitting to Ripoff Scams as they are attempting to get me to pay for these unwanted products by forcing me to install – once installed and the product reaches it’s 6 month or 1 year renewal – the spam will continue with no opt out/stop/etc. @GeekSquad has ignored me on twitter and phone support is unable to help. What would the average consumer do in this case? accept the spam

be pushed into purchasing and then forced to renew?”

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