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A few days ago I bought two USB PC to PC cables. They are used to transfer data from one computer to another. On the internet I found Since most of computer related products do not work properly, I bought two different devices… hoping that one of them works. If this would have been the case, I would not waste my time telling you my story. Anyway, both devices do not work… not on XP and not on Vista, They do not work on 3 different laptops and 2 desktops I tried. One device (BAFO BF-7313) suppose to come with a install CD… there was none, so I downloaded drivers from the BAFO web-site… installed them and get the message “driver not found”. Device Manager tells me that the “Device is not functioning”. The other device is called “Smart PC-link” and it has the drivers internally. Does not work either. Just in case, you may think that I am just too stupid… I am an Electronics Engineer. sells garbage from China and Taiwan, forgets to send me the driver CD and then patronizes me when I ask for technical help… Their support web-site is computerized and does not allow me to send my problem description unless I click a box which says: “Have installed driver?” The problems with computer related products are out of control. Even big companies like Microsoft cannot get it right… see Vista, and a lot of bottom-feeders like make money selling garbage. Karl

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