Geeks on Repair Kansas


Complaint: I am Formal Filling a Complaint against that this make shift company is scamming consumers for services offered claiming to be part of Geek Squad. Facts The Geeks on Repair is scamming people out of money charging more for services than what is provided. They claim to be part of dispatch for u201cGeek Squadu201d like a subcontractor for for Best Buy They do not pay their Techs in a time manner They do not have a fixed location of business on their website. They use multiple phone numbers for service they will call from all over, they may not even be located in the U.S. but using VOIP Phones. They do not have an actual business email address they use [email protected] They only use PayPal to pay for services rendered meaning they are not collecting taxes or reporting taxes for make shift business. They are listed above Geek Squad in most searches. I have filed formal compaints against this company with the FTC, IRS, PayPal, and GoDaddy. Techs should advise customers to issue a stop payment on their credit cards and ask for a check from the customer for the services they have performed they do not want to pay their techs plain and simple. I am a security professional and have high credibality for my work. I will not stop until this compnay is shutdown. Techs should discontinue all ties with this company. I am also in communcations with Best Buy so they can seek legal actions against this “Fake Geeks on Repair”” claiming to be Geek Sqaud **** you Geogre the next call your getting is eith from indinan tech suport because I spammed your number or the FTC and IRS to see why you have a fake company oh good luck in court once Best Buy finds out what your doing oh and my customer he stopped payment and wrote me check for my services . No one should use or work for this company”

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: Ste 11 Bronx, New York USA


Phone: 4343220478

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