Gelston Transport


I found a car(’67 red corvette convertible) for sale on www. website. Sale price was $25,400. I sent an e-mail to the person listed as the seller, Trevor C Walker, a Doctor / Emergency Medicine Specialist / Medical Corps(RAMC).He responded with an email telling me about the car. The car was in Spokane, WA and lived in the mid west. He sent pictures of the car and all the details about the car. He said the car was at Gelston Transport in Spokane, WA.and If I was interested in the car, I should contact Andrew Matis at Gelston Transport. He would act as the third party to protect the seller and buyer. Trevor was out of the country and could only be contacted by e-mail. He had signed the paper work and Andrew Matis was handling the sale. I wired the money to a Wells Fargo Bank in Spokane, WA. on March 13,’18 and Gelston Transport was going to deliver the car on March 30,’18. I haven’t heard from Andrew Matis since March 26, ’18 when he told me the car on schedule to be delivered on Fri. March 30’18. It was a SCAM!! I should have known better but thought I was getting a good deal! Remember, I’f it sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Don’t buy a vehicle on the internet. I hope this" SCAM ALERT" will stop someone from making the same stupid mistake I made!! I don’t know how to attach an example of what I received without my personal information. We communicated mostly by e-mails, phone calls, and fax.

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