GEMS Education Complaint


An empty flat was recently taken by a man from the building owner. This flat was situated on the 3 floor beside my flat and just beside Arshia Waseem flat stuck to the door is his door.Immmidiately we noticed that this man knows arshia well and she used to send food to his flat with her sons mustafa and ibrahim.We saw that this man almost never stays in this flat but but comes and goes. The watchman told us that this man has another flat in other place and this was a spare flat.We wonder but we keep quiet.This man is always peeping suddenly opening the door or when some one coming or going. We notice he was restless always. Then we saw why.. Quietly Arshia waseem mother of Mustafa hydrabadi married women was always going in and out of this flat at odd times or when her husband goes for prayers in mosk downstairs. When Arshia goes inside she immidiately closes the door of this mans flat and strangely his flat lights are always off even in night time.We find this strange that a married girl goes inside a flat of new tenant that too when his flat lights are switched off. Inside we find some noises coming we make out as love making noises as we hear arshia moaning with pain or some thudding noises related to love making.She is so free that even in short gaps arshia waseem comes to next flat and hurridly goes back, some times her sons are watching TV we can see clearly, by keeping her flat door partially open she vivits this man, she comes back out of this mans flat then peeps inside her flat door to see what her sons are doing., then again goes back to next door flat.Maybe after his sex is over this man goes away and comes back next day.Mostely he never stays and has a flat with his family in another plce we understand. Thsi has become so frequent that now some other man come to this flat and as usual arshia sneaks inside to be with them.Seems arshia waseem has hireed a special flat as a sex den for her sexual activities or does she have any other business.Of course we see some young men entering her flat when she is alone and her 2 sons go down to play cricket evening time. We herd thast arshia brings some choloform frm some place or maybe school and drugs her family to sleep. This explains why after night 12:30 till mor 3 young men enter her flat quickely and guess what again, her flat lights are switched off.The boys enter her flat in darkness. What do do call such a mother or wife.. do you have a name for this..women. Nymphomaniac or Escort service business.

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