Generac Power Systems Review


We purchased this generator and had it installed in August of 2015. It has worked well up until recently. We used one of Generac’s installers to perform the installation and use one of Generac’s service providers for all scheduled maintenance. This product has been installed and maintained to Generac’s specifications since it came off the back of the truck. Recently we were told by the company that performs the annual maintenance that due to either a defect in the transfer switch or the installation, moisture was able to enter the switch and ruin it. After over a month of going back and forth with different people at Generac we are being told that even though they train their installers on how to install their product, and that our generator has been maintained to their requirements since it was new, and is still under factory warranty, that we are on our own and that they will not be honoring the warranty on their product. We spent nearly $10,000 on this between the cost of the generator, installation and permits and are left with nothing.

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Standby Generator

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