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General Cannabis Corp (SevenFive Farm) Has Terrible Product

General Cannabis Corp aka SevenFive Farm are the worst cannabis providers in the market. You should avoid them at all costs. The product quality is horrible and the company doesnít take any responsibility for it. They are wholesalers of adult-use cannabis and make some pretty big claims about their product. Their sales pitch and branding would make you feel as if they are the best bet. But thatís all just a trap. Youíd end up spending a fortune on buying their product only to find that your customers hate it.†

They bully you into buying from them and give you unfair prices. SevenFive Farm is the worst wholesaler you can buy from in Colorado.

Thereís already very stiff competition in the cannabis market and when you add these scammers into the mix, things turn into a nightmare. They bully you into buying from them and give you unfair prices. SevenFive Farm is the worst wholesaler you can buy from in Colorado. Iím pointing out some of the reasons why you should never buy from SevenFive Farm (or General Cannabis Corp) so you can make an informed decision in this regard:

Why You Shouldnít Buy from SevenFive Farm (General Cannabis Corp)

Unfair Pricing

The biggest drawback of buying from these guys is the unfair pricing you get. Their prices are way higher than the industry and this puts you at a huge disadvantage. They try to justify their high prices by saying that their product is superior but thatís a white lie. You can find better-quality products for much less price anywhere in Colorado. I know this because my brother runs a cannabis company and he bought from these people. According to him, his decision of buying from General Cannabis ruined his business. The entire stock caused him a loss of XXXXXX. 

Poor Treatment

Youíd think the client associates at SevenFive Farm would behave properly but no, these people are rude. They follow an aggressive sales tactic where they pressure you into buying from them. I have seen them pressure my brother into buying their stock. And I know thatís how they are running this company. Otherwise, their poor product wouldnít attract any customers at all. 

Low-Quality Product

The biggest reason why you should avoid General Cannabis Corp is their horrible product. My brother bought from them to sell as a retailer only to find that his customers hated it. His sales plummeted and he had to sell the product at a loss. He didnít make a cent from the stock he had bought from SevenFive Farm. Instead, he faced a huge loss. Customers complained about the terrible quality of their product and it hurt his customer relations too. 


When my brother complained about the product quality, they didnít take any responsibility for it. No, instead they claimed that my brother mustíve kept them poorly and that affected his sales. They even called him names which I wonít mention here because I am not a degenerate. 

General Cannabis Corp Review Conclusion

General Cannabis Corp and their SevenFive Farm are both scams. They force you into buying from them by harassing you constantly. These people make huge claims about their product quality and lie to your face. In reality, their product is horrible and youíd need a miracle to make a profit from them. I wouldnít recommend buying from them at any cost. 

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