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Complaint: In March 2000 , we leased a 2000 Alero, we chose low km’s and purchased extended warranty with the intention of buying out this car after the lease was finished. We then started having inner brake problems at which the first couple of times General Motors paid one under warranty and only paid half for the next one. We are on an average getting 11000km to a set of brakes.this is ridiculous!!!! We phoned and talked to the General Motors Complaint Centre and they are telling us that there is nothing wrong with our car, that this is normal wear and tear of this vehicle. They even tried to tell me the we should only have our brakes inspected twice a year. But they couldn’t answer the question when I asked why was my car having to be inspected every 5000km because of premature brake wear. And at 5000km the dealership is telling us we only have 30% left on our brakes so by our next oil change we will need new brakes!! The worst thing about this whole situation is that my husband and I work for General Motors and we are really disgusted with the way we are being treated . I can’t believe that a company that we are proud to say we work at is not taking these problems seriously. Here is my advise to anyone that is having a problem with there Alero: Phone the General Motors complaint line and tell them your problem. Your local dealership will have the number We need General Motors to recognize this as a serious saftey problem and have it fixed before somebody gets hurt. Mary Lindsay, Ontario

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