Generation of Virtue South Dennis Massachusetts


Complaint: My affiliation with GOV starts years before it existence with my mother being influenced by Bishop Whitlock for many years. He was the founder of a group that has had several names but after his death Mary Whitlock, his common law wife, took over his ministry and eventually became ” Visions For The Nations””. This was where “”Generations of Virtue”” was birthed. Now back to my connection

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Address: Mom was eventually drawn in and moved to where ever thy told her to.Including New York City in the old Bradford Hotel that was infested with rats and roaches and eventually closed. The ladies would dress in blue and white smock type uniforms and stand on the sidewalk and speak to anyone that would listen. They held meetings and people would come and either become enthralled or run! Then Mom moved to New Jersey and I am not sure where she went from there as she did not keep in touch with me. Now just to let you know Mom was a very bright woman with 2 degrees from Penn State and Harvard

Website: New York. When Mom went to the wedding she came in a pink toned uniform the same as the white and blue ones. After the wedding she went to Conesus and would not let us drive her but made her own arrangements. She was to live in the building that is known as THE MISSION. Now owned by Kay Hiramine under what name I am not sure now. Over the years I would go visit Mom and sometimes my adult children wanted to connect with her as their grandmother. They would go to hug her and she would resist and block the hug. Later I was told by my mother that the hugs were ‘lustful””. She would let me hug her though. Mixed messages always. Mom had little to no money so my husband and I began supporting her monthly and helping with extra expenses when the need arose. All this doesn’t sound BAD does it? Well under all this was a true distortion and self loathing brought on from hours Mom spent on or in charge of the “”PRAYER CHAIR””. When the main group would go back to the HOMES in CO. While a few families and several older ladies stayed at the Mission where the heat was bad and Mom was cold as I found out later due to poor heating.Mom started having bad health and I was summoned to her side. At that point Mary Whitlock started wooing me with private conversations and questions of my history with my mother. That history is a book in its self. I returned home and Timing gets a bit fuzzy here for me as my husband left for another and I was a mess as it was 43 yr marriage. I then got another call that mom was getting weaker and could I come and stay for a time. So off to NY I went. Moms health was declining and at that time Mary Whitlock started a time of “”ministry”” and I was included in the sessions. Mom was accused of hating Mary and trying to harm her and lusting after Mary’s position. I was later to find out that for years my mother was giving Mary Whitlock a $100. 00 a month out of the ever so small income she had from my dads SSI. No one was to know because the LORD TOLD MARY IT WAS BECAUSE MY MOM OWED IT TO HER for passed OFENSES!!!! All the time this was going on Mary had very sweet and comforting times with me and encouraged me to move there until my life was straightened out or Mom passed away. So I did stay. My first big mistake. I was hurting for many reasons and was holding on by a thread. The difference when Mary

Phone: and a broken heart as the love of her life

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