Genesis Electrical And Solar, Inc.


Raymont Washington dba Genesis Electrical and Solar, Inc [email& 160;protected] | [email& 160;protected] | 1627 E. Fernrock St. Carson, CA 90746 (310) 651-1608 (310) 609-2798*****WARNING WARNING WARNING DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY NOR RAYMOND WASHINGTON FOR GENESIS ELECTRIC AND SOLAR.COM. Raymond is not a good person. | He complains about a lot of stuff because he is not what one would say, having a lot of money. He doesn’t even have enough money in his pockets to pay for general services why would you want a person like this working on your home. Do not use this company. he will also try to bait you into doing a job for him, only to complain later and cheaply his way out of paying you by spamming your web pages writing negative things about you and your company. Be warned if you do business with this person, you are risking his complaining attitude to rip you off by diverting funds away from your business with his lying over exaggerating tactics. I would use extreme caution before even thinking of using such a ridiculous company as this. | If you think that your being ripped off by Raymond Washington, Than believe that you definitely are. His sly tactics of trying to get something for nothing from you, having you waste all your resources for nothing than complain on social media to spam your pages is something that Raymond Washington likes to do. Ripping off people by not paying them what should be paid is another one of his tactics trying to get something for nothing. Than also if he hires you or visa versa, he will complain in order to rip you off and make you feel guilty because his information is wrong or incorrect. I would definitely not use him.

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