Genesis Pure Cape Girardeau Missouri Review


Genesis Pure is a pyramid scheme, multi-level marketing company that signs people up with the intention of making money by signing even MORE people up with a product called Genesis Pure. You get suckered by a person you otherwise trust and respect to go to a meeting, only to find it is a high powered effort to get you into a “managemetn chain””. Classic pyramid scheme using multi-level marketing– which has been found to be an illegal scheme by most attorneys general around the US. The problem is that even when you try to get away from them

they keep hanging onto your credit card and periodically charge your credit card

I guess in hopes you won’t find out and the amounts too small to file a class action lawsuit. Which is probably exactly what should happen to them. After repeatedly calling and telling them to stop drafting on my credit card

I thought we had it behind us. Until I found they had tried to sneak yet another charge onto my credit card. I called the card company

had the charge contested

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