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Several years ago I purchased an argyle diamond. Very small but significant price for me as an investment. Four years later Reuben Ross called to invite me to sell the diamond since it had increased in value. It was placed in an auction in Hong Kong at my cost but no sale. They explained that the Hong Kong market was more into jewelry and that the odds were almost 100% that it would sell if it were made into a ring. They worked with a client and designer to create a ring. I was told that this client was interested in purchasing the ring. I paid for the design and build of the ring. That ‘client’ did not purchase so they put it into another auction. No sale. Reuben Ross now claims that a European reseller has made arrangements to buy up my ring and many other pieces that Genesis holds. This was in early November 2018. The funds were delayed for some reason; then delayed again for another reason; appointments were set to sign off on the bill of sale and appointments were rescheduled and cancelled on many occasions. Then the holiday season. Then I was told that there were unavoidable issues that delayed the funds transfer. I have a history of texts dating back many months making excuses and setting new deadlines for the sale to close. At this point there is no response to my calls and texts.

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