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Complaint: We recently had a dental procedure for our kid here. In a prior checkup with Dr.Karan Lam it was decided to go for GA for the dental procedure.After 2 hours of procedures, we came to know that along with the fillings, she has removed the front 2 teeth !!! This removal thing was never discussed & agreed upon.Reason given was they were lose and there was inflammation in the back.Though we were uncomfortable with the idea that she removed front 2 teeth, we were more focused on taking care of kid.We were not satisfied with the reason and again called Lam next day. This time, reason took a pivotal shift and Lam said there was infection which has already reached the root and impacting nerves.So basically in a single day, the infection had developed and gone from near the root to nerve.Our concerns- How did doctor decide to extract 2 front tooth without discussing with parents?- Before coming to that conclusion, were all options thoroughly evaluated?- Not sure if doctor evaluated the impacts on child’s speech by removing tooth for a 4 year kid . It was not thought how child will deal till next set of teeth come- There was no honesty in statements. – X rays were not shown and discussed.It has been a very hard & terrible experience.

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