I want to report about this company GH Marketing Inc. or GEOHoliday or Montex Financial. They are all one company under different names using telemarketing and a distorted method of pressured sale that is just a twist of the arm. 10 sales people around us. They forced me to sign a promissory note without my knowledge. The promissory note was clipped under the membership paper in such a way that what I was signing wasn’t entirely visible. Please read my report, advice on how to get my money back $4466, will be appriciated. They also sent me Notice of collection from Credit Bureau of Canada collection to pay immediately Balance $11559.00. They said they gave me loan I did not see from their company to their company without seeing this money and said is loan I told them I don’t want loan I don’t pay for loan. I don’t pay interest. If i have i travel if i don’t have i don’t travel as simple as that. I did not get any service from them and they did not give me a free trip for me and my wife no string attached as they said in their Telemarketing call. HOW DO I PAY SOMETHING DID NOT RECEIVE AND NOT PLANNING TO RECEIVE FROM THEM. I tried to cancel the contract went to their office I found is closed on saturday went few other saturdays I found they closed and their phone out of service . I said they out of business and cancelled my payment and found after that they have very bad name and not registered with TICO. Their location where we attended their presentation. At 51 International Blvd in Etobicoke. We’re currently looking for other people, especially from Toronto, GTA who have the same

2225 Sheppard Avenue East,18th Floor, TORONTO, Ontario United States of America


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