I filed this report so that no other people will become a victim like me. Timeshare business is a business backed and protected by the government. The laws state that customers cannot end the contract, because it is a real estate contract despite the fact that we cannot sell even a single square feet of the resort land. We can sell the timeshare to others if we are lucky enough, but it’s hard to do. In my case, I’ll be stuck with this contract for the rest of my life and I am obligated to pay ever increasing annual fees. (My contract is for 45 years, so there’s a possibility that it’s longer than my remaining life). On top of that, because I have a contract with this timeshare company, the law states that the company is allowed to call me to offer different products, even though I have put my phone number into the “National Do Not Call List”. Thus, the company or their affiliates call me from time to time, because who knows I might be interesting to buy a new timeshare???? So, if you want to have a peaceful life, never ever buy a timeshare. The laws protect the company very very well. You cannot win a lawsuit… Well, at least that applies for most of the buyers.

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